about us

The purpose of this Organization shall be:

1. To upgrade the quality of the communication service rendered to friends and alumni scattered around Continental North America and its politically affiliated territories.

2. To provide consistent and effective methods of financial assistance and alumni advisement to the University not achievable by local chapters, groups or persons. The careful consideration of academic programs and goals that will improve the quality of education at Alma Mater

3. To promote and establish new Chapters in areas where alumni and friends of the University reside in significant numbers and the maintenance of contact with these individuals in areas where there are no organized chapters or groups; as well as the cultivation of a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among alumni and friends of the University; and the support of existing chapters and groups.

4. To supervise and coordinate short-term and long-range fundraising activities on behalf of the university and its alumni.

5. To plan and coordinate periodic conferences for alumni and friends of the University, at least once every three years.

6.  A continued voice on the College Board regarding alumni and related matters, through representatives to that body.

7. To publish a Newsletter and maintain a website with updates in the name of the Organization sharing University, alumni and related Information from the Caribbean.

8. To promote and nurture a vital Christian experience and of spiritual renewal among alumni and friends of the University.